Apple’s Revolution and India’s too…..


So after a long long time, we are back. Back to take your opinion on matters that concern the world. So, recently Apple Inc. launched its new operating system- the IOS 7. Though, they might call it as their revolutionary OS but is it worth the change? Does the new slide to unlock satisfy our needs and expectations? That is not something that I am going to comment upon but you will in the comment box below. Also, another significant change in the products of Apple is the launch of a new Macbook with a 12 hour battery life and a price cheaper than the previous Mac. Though the 12 hour battery life seems quite fascinating but has the quality of the laptop been compromised to make it cheaper? What do you think?

Another matter that is gathering attention in the Indian subcontinent is the Lok Sabha elections to be held in January 2014. There are various things happening in the world of Indian Politics. Will Narendra Modi be the candidate for the PM from BJP? If yes, then does he have enough majority and capability to become the next PM? Will Congress select Rahul Gandhi as their candidate for the elections? Is he experienced enough to take up this job? Another prominent thing that is taking place is the formation of the third front by Nitish Kumar, Mamta Banerjee, Mulayam Singh Yadav and many other prominent leaders. Will this front be able to defeat the strong support that UPA and NDA have acquired over the years? Will the withdrawal of the Third front members from these alliances break the pillars of BJP and Congress?

Though all of this is yet to be seen, but what we need is your opinion on these issues, so that we can build a strong nation governed by a strong government which can support us and help us at all times .

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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Sorry INDIA-no more OLYMPICS for YOU



What sport do you love to play? This is probably the very first question that a person asks you in his first meeting. Do you love watching Athletics or Hockey or Wrestling for that matter? I feel the very spirit of these sports in our country has been raised by a major world event called as the Olympics. Whether it was the Beijing Olympics 2008 or London Olympics 2012, all of them had glued us to the televisions for those glorious 16 days. The Olympics bring out the spirit of nationalism within us when we see the athletes from our country perform and cheer for them. BUT, I SUPPOSE IT’S ALL OVER!!!! The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has suspended the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) from participating in IOC meetings/progressions and has also restricted Indian athletes to perform in the Games under the Indian national flag. All I must say is that IT’S A SHAME. The IOC said that there was too much government interference in the IOA. We must agree upon a fact that corruption has attained its maximum height in India. It has reached to a level where the India is being suspended from a world sporting event of which many countries like Pakistan and Syria are an essential part. I would also like to consolidate the Indian athletes who had been working day and night for this and will further not be allowed to participate in the Olympics under the tricolor. Olympics is not just another sporting event, it’s a platform of pride where different nations meet and unite to make a peaceful WORLD. Think about it ARE WE DOING JUSTICE TO OURSELVES? IS IT NOT GETTING TOO MUCH? DO WE NOT NEED TO STOP THIS?

Barack Obama is DEAD………..

Barack Hussain Obama, the president of the United States of America is DEAD. He was assassinated by a member of a terrorist group in Washington D.C. yesterday. I know by now most of you might have believed me and also opened other tabs to check out other websites to confirm whether this information is true or not, and the moment another site confirms it you BELIEVE it. This is exactly how a rumor spreads. A similar thing has happened in India in recent days. A rumor was spread in the city of Bangalore (which is also called the Silicon plateau of India or the working hub in India) that the people belonging to the Northeast of India should return back to their respective States otherwise they might be harassed or even killed. While the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh has clearly declared that it is a rumor that has fled in from a neighboring country and all the sources of such rumors from the respective countries have been blocked. It has also been confirmed that the videos shown to these North-Eastern people to scare them were those from the areas where a cyclone or an earthquake had hit. It has been estimated that around 40,000 people have returned to the North East from Bangalore due to this fear of harassment. So, this is what a rumor has done. It has put a country’s growth at stake. We could have never imagined that a rumor could have caused so much of loss to a country like India. Saying this is easy but just think about the many people who suffered because of this, think about the fear in their hearts, they had to believe it and leave their homes, property and jobs all for a rumor…..


hello everyone,
this time its shivank. after a long time. you can freely blame my studies/school and of course my sleep.
i don’t know what i will be talking about but these days there’s only one thing on my mind SCHOOL. so lets get started.
i am sure that we all have either attended a school or are attending one right now. when i look back to last 15 days that i spent in school i see that i have learnt nothing in  these days. last few days i have had a lot of tests one after the another.( ‘Monday test’ they call it but they rarely take place on Mondays :P)
 my after school routine includes coming back home, studying for the test and doing crappy homework. the homework given my the teacher have no sense at let’s look at some stupid practices going these days:
teaching periods : i still wonder why i wrote ‘teaching’. during the period there is no literal teaching place. i am in no way saying that it is the fault of the teacher or he/she is not capable. that is not at all a problem. the problem is that half of the periods we are busy marking the book and the only talk that goes during these period in the class is about what will come in the test, what will be the question type and what will be the marking scheme. sometimes i wonder if this was to come for 5 marks instead of 2 will i pay more attention.


homework: we are explained the whole chapter, we mark half of the book and then copy that part in our assignments. this makes no sense and is of no advantage to students at all .what do you say about it. if copying makes me intelligent then i am sure most of the children could be seen copying 10 wikipedia pages everyday.
so these were my views. lets us know what you think about it. drop your comments (i am sure you know how to do it)


Oh Mon Dieu!!!!! It’s so hot; the weather in Delhi at this time is
unimaginable. It’s hard to study, hard to play, in fact hard to do
anything. You feel this heat more when you return from a cooler country in the summer vacations. That’s exactly what happened with me and Shivank,
after enjoying the cool, in fact the best weather of Paris which was about
15 degree Celsius, when you move out of the airport and that hot air of 45
degree moves through your face, I hope you understand I needn’t explain any more. And furthermore, I had to go back to Europe ( Italy and Switzerland ) which made things worse for me after coming back.  And apart from the heat, you get occupied with other things like Shivank could not write this post just because of the fact that he was too
busy with his Vidyamandir work and I tend to get busy due to my FIITJEE
classes, because you know engineering has become the dream of a millions in India including us. And yeah now even our school called us on the Monday, 2nd July(which might had been the sweatiest day in our life, as it was one of the hottest day in this summer) and realized that it was too hot for children like us to handle so they just told us to stay at home and have fun. But fun gets funnier when they give you 3 tests in a row and tell you to study harder. Also, another notable thing happening in India these days is that soon we are going to have a change of President, so what do you think is Pranab Mukhejee best for this seat or should A.P.J Abdul Kalam be back sighting his popularity as a President…………………………………………………..

IPL-It’s Back Again

Wow! What a Match!!!!!!!!!!! This is the common phrase used by us these days after watching an IPL match. For those who don’t know about it(which I think would not be the case) it is called the DLF Indian Premier League in which 9 teams representing various states compete for the ultimate cup. Really, the IPL 2012 is going absolutely fantastic. The teams, the matches, the competition, the thrill everything is at its height. Earlier the trophy of IPL was the map of India but now it has been changed to a larger one owing to the increase in the number of teams.Last year Shivank and me along with a group of friend went to witness a Delhi match at the Ferozshah Kotla stadium and we were very excited. The match wen on well till the 3rd over but after that it rained like hell and we went in the shade and were eating biryani waiting for the matcht to resume but it didn’t and we ultimatally went back home and that too WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 seasons of IPL have passed and the 5th one is ON but we know that we are never ever bored. The probable reason for this could be the wonderful presentation and the quality of play which has crossed all limits. I remember other such leagues were also started up before and after IPL but they all ended due to reasons such as not having the best players in the world, not being able to advertise well or probably some other x,y,z reasons(u know I have got a maths test recently so x,y and z). so leaving all the ICL’s(Indian Cricket League) and CCL’s(Celebrity Cricket League) IPL stands as the best cricket charm for Indians. Also, IPL has provided chance to a lot of players who were not well represented earlier in the cricketing world. So now a question for you, it’s actually a big one. Which IPL team do you support and why (if you want to tell the reason)??????????????????????? Does Sehwag Delhi make you support the Delhi daredevils or Dhoni and Raina are the cause for Chennai super Kings. Is Virat Kohli ur reason for Bangalore or Valthaty for Punjab. I know Tendulkar is the master blaster in Mumbai but we even have Dravid in Rajasthan. Kolkata truly does have an advantage having Gambhir but is it the Pune who are better having Saurav Ganguly or is it Deccan charges you support?????? So we need your opinions, which team will win? Which team do you want to win???????????????????C’mon guyz after all its IPL 2012Image