Are SOPA and PIPA marking a FULL STOP to our lives ?????

It took me a long time to write this post just because Shivank kept rejecting my proposals for this one but I finally got the permission to write. As it is I was too busy in my routine (as you might know because all posts were addressed to you by Shivank for the last one month) to write this post. But now, I am BACK WITH A BANG and I have got a question for you all, a question that you must answer sincerely (only in the comments please). Can you live without GOOGLE, tons and tons of free information on Wikipedia or the free video search on YOUTUBE??????????????????????? I suppose that it is not an easy task and you might have guessed it right I am writing this one on SOPA and PIPA. Let me first explain to you that what these mean. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is a United States bill introduced by U.S. Representative Lamar S. Smith(R-TX) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) is also a United States bill but proposed by the State Government. Both these have a similar aim to provide more powers to U.S. law enforcement to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. This means that if any site is somewhat suspected of stealing the US copyright intentionally or unintentionally would be indirectly affected by stopping payment (like PAYPAL), search engines (Google, Bing) etc. This law aims at acting before judgment. So if someone comments on a website like YouTube and if he/she is related to that illegal network then YouTube suffers a ban. Similar is the case with Wikipedia, Bing, Facebook or probably any website which allows user interface. These days India is also planning to ban websites like Facebook and Google due to the same issues or problems as mentioned by the US government. So, now what the question is that are you guyz ready for such a law? Are you ready for your privacy being restricted? Are you ready to live without Google ( IF it is banned)? Asking my views, personally I would say that websites like Google and Wikipedia have become a part of our life and living without them would not be that easy.

What do you think??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

28 thoughts on “Are SOPA and PIPA marking a FULL STOP to our lives ?????

  1. Not possible to live without these sites. These are the MOST commonly used websites. 😛
    Wikipedia helps us in ALL our projects, i mean, uske alava toh main fail ho jaungi 😛

  2. i noe NIKHIlL and sorry for not mentioning facebook
    vaise to it is understood but ill EDIT and add as soon as I can


    Mehak I beleive the same even i use it fr my projects
    thats wat i said life is not possible without these websites
    and ur considering only wikipedia
    think about GOOGLE,FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I totally agree with all of you but what if u all think from the point of view of the company whose copyrights are being violated.

    Dont only look at the sites with user generated content but at the sites where the content is intentionally used without the rights.

    What do u all say on my point of opinion…..


  4. Latest news….. No relation with the topic

    NO MORE SILENCE(srry mister singh … We all feel so)

    Hope soon whole congress will join and we will know whether singh follows sonia or its the other way.(((((lol)))[[[a very srry again mr. Singh]]]]

  5. Well, SOPA and PIPA representatives are right in their own sense. They are doing what they feel is right. But the thing is that, they aren’t realizing what will be the situation on the Net after those bills are passed. Seriously, life wouldn’t be the same without these sites. No free information, no free songs on YouTube, absolutely nothing.
    We should fight against this for certain. 🙂

  6. i agree harshit but there must be definite limit
    we should not exactly fight for complete removal of such decisions but only amendments of such decisions so that copyrights are also protected and free info also not lost

  7. Have you considered all the profit it could do for the music or entertainment industry? All of us sitting and downloading what takes an artist years to perfect. In my view that is perfectly criminal and perfectly liable to being banned. It is justified.

    • Mr. Walrus what I believe is that not the law to be banned completely but some websites like google and wikipedia hav become an essential part of our life and need to be there so what the world id asking for is changes in the current law and of course when the US has made a law thay might hav thought something good it can do to the world. so in a case now im acting neutral but somewhat biased towards some changes that need to be introduced within the existing law……………………

  8. Let these BIG authorities do whatever they want to. When they would actually get demands and protests by the people they would realize the mistake they are doing. Everybody likes things for free, who the bloody hell would like to pay money to watch stuff on Youtube (what about nigahiga or Smosh) or use google to complete our school projects.

    Just wait for the public to rise. The public can do anything. Just wait and watch.

    • i agree Kartikay but what the US people r saying is also somewhat right that the rights of companies need to be protected so lets wait and watch for the next ACTION and i think for the tome being the government has holded the law…

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